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Farewell to Hitlerism - Hepp-Kexel-Gruppe

This declaration became necessary because in "national" circles more and more nonsense is told about us. With these notes we do not only say farewell to Hitlerism, but to each and every other manifestation of bourgeois nationalism and the fetishists of the so-called National-Socialist movement.

The Hitlerism of 1933-1945 has put the German people in the constant destruction of 1945, in which we are still stuck to this day. After the West imposed the "Diktat of Versailles" to Germany, the NSDAP grew as a force against Versailles as well as the KPD and the National Revolutionary forces did. While the NSDAP had some very good revolutionary forces in the beginning, through the course of time they left the movement (Otto Strasser, Walther Stennes, Gregor Strasser, etc.) because the party changed into a more and more bourgeois Hitlerite party. While for instance Ernst Niekisch clearly saw that the enemy was the Western bourgeois Capitalism and not the Russian Bolshevism, on the side of the NSDAP they already started flirting with the West. This led to a point that Hitlerism, after they had gained the power and killed the last revolutionary fraction around Röhm - without whom Adolf Hitler never could have gained power - undertook a humiliating attempt to win the favour of England. Even after the West managed to fool Hitler into a war - through her bastardchild Poland - he and a small group around him still tried to reach a settlement with the West. After Germany rapidly reached an alliance with Russia in 1939, they invaded that same Russia on June 22 1941, by far the most unfortunate day in our history. This "ostfeldzug" brought unmentionable suffering to both the German as well as the Russian people. Both peoples have sacrificed the elite of their youth in this war. The West rewarded Hitler’s flirtation with the genocide of the German people by bomb terror. This all is to blame on Adolf Hitler, who as supreme leader, warlord and Reichs chancellor had the ultimate accountability for the course of play. The result of Hitler’s politics is the situation we live in these days.

Maybe we should spend some more words on the historical National-Socialism, which we do not consider to be identical to Hitlerism. Historical National-Socialism had some correct and good leads at its disposal, especially on the subject of social, family, youth and cultural issues. Hitlerism has managed, thanks to the excellent skills of its leader, to bring these good sides into practice; this is why the enthusiastic people did not resist the following running amok by Hitler. How right was Ernst Niekisch when he in 1932 predicted that at the end; a coffin was placed in which the post-war youth, which Niekisch had put his hopes on, would be lost because of its urge for resistance would be broken by the demagogue.

"A tired, exhausted and disappointed people remains, that abandons all hope and tiredly doubts the meaning of each further German resistance. Though the Versailles order will be stronger than ever."

Hitler - Ein Deutsche Verhängnis

In horror we had to grow aware of the fact that the far right is more and more caught in a Hitler worship, that only distinguishes itself from other cults and religions because that it isn't surrounded with the slaughter of sacrificial animals and the smoke of incense. Anyone these days who has the opinion that Adolf Hitler is our leader (Führer) and Reichs chancellor, we strongly advice to portray this kind of nonsense not as politics, but to start a parish where the relics - Jesus Christ, cross and Bible are exchanged for Hitler, the Swastika and Mein Kampf - can be worshipped. This is also a call to the young comrades that are still seeking, not to subject to the dogma of Hitlerism, but to submit it to a critical research, like we did, who were also caught in narrowness.

Alike Hitlerism we also condemn the bourgeois Nationalism, which is once again flirting with the West or even openly proposes an alliance with them. We can be fortunate that a wall runs in Germany, because in the east of our country there are still 17 million healthy Germans, while the people at our side are mentally and psychotically perishing. Next to these two degenerated forms of Nationalism unfolds a third one, that of the National-Socialist and uniform fetishism. We will not spend any words on this movement, because who on the basis of personal gratification and lack of own personality is searching for a fetish, can't be taken serious on a political level. So we ascertain that these three unmannerly movements of Nationalism damage the actual cause of our people - the anti imperialist liberation struggle - more then they are helping it. We have no doubt that in this scene still good and revolutionary powers exist, but this doesn't change the principled rejection of it. It's not our aim to turn the wheel of time back and revive a State based on the Hitlerist model; our goal is to fight an undogmatic liberation struggle which guarantees the survival of our people. In this struggle against Americanism we welcome everyone who - just as us - has recognized that only when the activist youth - that's founded in left and right circles - disposes her dogma's and unifies in the liberation struggle, we can stand a chance. Obviously we also welcome foreign anti-imperialists who live in the BRD to join our struggle.

In conclusion we want to emphasize that we're neither “rightwing” nor "leftwing" and we're not a proponent of a US federal State nor do we want to make another Soviet republic from Germany. We don't deem a system that works for Russia automatically transmittable to our country. We don't deny the antibourgeois and anticapitalist strike force of bolshevism and it is our wish and will to live in peace and friendship with Russia as a neutral Germany.

In this spirit - forward in the anti-imperialist liberation struggle!

"Nationale Proletariër"
30 June 1982,
Walter Kexel en Odfried Hepp

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