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Why and how the National-Rightwing conquers Leftwing terrain

Nicolàs Sarkozy, until recent the state president of France, was one of the loudest agitators, in service of the imperialist NATO, for war against Libya. Over 50.000 people lost their lives during this war because of the uninterrupted air raids carried out by the NATO and the slaughtering by the mobs of imperialist mercenaries. These NATO bloodbaths where financed (as usual) with our tax money.  

Now the new president of France, the social-democrat (social-reformist) François Hollande (‘Parti Socialiste’), called up for the continuation of the imperialist wars, this time against Syria. "Ruler Assad may not be left to slaughter his own people", said Hollande. The same language that prepares for war, just like at the time about Libya (and earlier events).

The French national-Zionist Bernard-Henry Levy, who is the French equivalent of his German companion Henry M. Broder, agitated the mood in the country even more and called up upon president Hollande to openly make an effort to "stop the bloodshed in Syria". "I'm fully aware mister President that your attention is occupied", Levy wrote in an open letter published in several European magazines. "But what is more urgent mister President; preparing for an early retreat in Afghanistan or taking on initiative in Syria. Shall France do the same for Homs and Hula as it did a year ago for Benghazi and Misrata?"  

Only Zionists manage, in such an obscene manner, to justify an aggression war and mass murder by linking it to a so-called "protection of civilians".

Exactly the same war propaganda is continuously repeated throughout the imperialist media. The mass murders and other war crimes are invariably presented, with which the permanent imperialist war must be justified. And just as often, months or even years later the NATO-war propaganda appears to be nothing else than lies and manipulation. The imperialist war however already moved on and by then thousands of people have become victimized by the imperialist blood thirst.    

Last April Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the ("radical leftwing") Front de Gauche, called out during the second round of the presidential elections to vote for the social-reformist François Hollande (PS), and gave him full support on behalf of the Front de Gauche.

Marine Le Pen, party leader of the Front Nationale (FN), which got with 18,5 % almost twice as many votes as Mélenchon, clearly wielded another strategy. On the traditional 1st of May manifestation by the FN she emphasized that there was no single difference between Nicolàs Sarkozy and François Hollande. She declared she was going to vote blanco and called people up to vote on the FN during the parliamentary elections. "We stand now for the question, which of both, Nicolàs Sarkozy or François Hollande is the biggest slave of the austerity policy. Who will be the most obedient and follows the demands of the "Troika" (IMF-ECB-European Commission) the fullest? On the 6th of May we don't choose a president, but only a slavish performer of the orders from the European Central bank!” said Miss Le Pen to her support on the Place de l'Opera in Paris.  

The recent statements of Hollande on the Syrian question have once more demonstratively confirmed the analyses of Miss Le Pen. Fatal about this, is that to such an extent the Front de Gauche supports the treacherous social-democracy (Parti Socialiste - the leftwing of the imperialist large bourgeoisie), they turn out to be more and more a collaborator with imperialism, while at the same time miss Le Pen and the national rightwing is given the opportunity to present themselves as more consequent anti-imperialists. Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the Front de Gauche have helped the imperialist warmonger Hollande into power.

It’s of an essential interest to not only understand the symbolism of this, but also the qualitative change in the political workings and not at the least, the social resonance resulting from this. Who wants to understand why the Front Nationale keeps on growing, while the united leftwing since years is stagnating, can see this is the central cause of these developments.  

True enough these days Mélenchon is critical about Hollande; "A military intervention is a true European illusion. They intervene, they bomb and suddenly the good guys are in power while the bad guys are in the dark. Look at the balance in Libya, then you’ll see it has all gone very different." Melénchon however didn’t take any consequences from this.

Miss Le Pen declared "to be pleased that the state president Vladimir Putin (Russia) made it clear to the French why he sticks to the Assad-regime in Syria." Just like Russia, Miss Le Pen takes the overall imperialist cohesion in its totality in consideration.

Just like in the BRD the so-called "Linke" (‘Linkspartei/PDS’), the French Front de Gauche assesses the international developments wrong or at least partly wrong.

The social-democracy is a part of imperialism; it forms the so-called "leftwing" of the bourgeoisie, with which they, in a coordinated teamwork with other bourgeois parties, engage in politics in service of the imperialist oligarchy, the US, the NATO and the anti-democratic EU-centralizing project.

As long as the leftwing doesn’t consequentially break with imperialism (in all its forms) and the bourgeoisie (including her so-called leftwing/social-democracy) and doesn’t mark them as her political main enemy - like miss Le Pen is doing with a growing persuasiveness, it will offer a opportunity for the national-rightwing to successfully claim anti-imperialist and emancipatory theme areas, like claiming the defense of the democratic republic against the imperialist centre (the new imperium).  

Just like the Parti Socialiste is the leftwing of the bourgeoisie, the so-called "united leftwing front" is only the leftwing of the Parti Socialiste!

A vote for Mélenchon is a vote for Hollande!
A vote for Hollande is a vote for the bourgeoisie!

Translated by Nationale Socialistische Aktie
Article from Rote Fahne

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