donderdag 19 maart 2015

Militant Anticapitalist Resistance in Frankfurt

The new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) was opened in Frankfurt am Main on the 18th of March. More than 1,3 billion euros were spend to create this new 185 meters high skyscraper with a huge fence and moat. This intimidating symbol of power emphasizes the far distance between the political, and economical elites and the people. The festivities were attended by several EU-leaders and European oligarchs.

Blockupy, an alliance of anticapitalist groups, called to disturb these festivities. In this time of crisis and unseen austerity policies there is nothing to celibrate! Therefore over 20.000 anticapitalists from the whole of Europe were present in the economic heart of Europe to turn it into a bastion of anticapitalist resistance. Activists from the Anticapitalist network (ACN/AKN) attended the protests in name of the national-revolutionary movement.

An extended actionreport about this will follow soon…      

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