dinsdag 21 april 2015

No borders, no nations? How vagabonds are abused by imperialism

Since the Italian intention to no longer register the huge influx of boat refugees, it seems the debate surrounding asylum- and immigration has become an important topic once again. However, the harsh reality is that within the imperialist institution, that is the European Union, no such thing as political asylum exists. This was recently emphasized once again when the European Union refused political asylum to the whistleblowers, human rights activist and former employee of the US secret service NSA; Edward Snowden, who was on the run for the US government. Still the corporate media glorifies the so-called European and Dutch hospitality on a daily basis.     

The European Union foresees millions of new immigrants for the coming years. Politicians claim this is a positive development, which will benefit the economy and will counter the negative effects of aging, which supposedly threatens our pensions. It seems evident to us that with the huge (youth) unemployment and misery in the European Union, there is already more than enough workforces present. Of course the organized international capital doesn't care for social politics for their own populations, nor for the wellbeing of the immigrants from Eastern-Europe, Asia, Africa, whose social needs are presented to us and instrumentalized as a 'humanitarian' case.      

The mass immigration and alienation of the European nations and cultural territories serves imperialism on different levels. On the short term the workforce from low wage countries is delivered right in front of the doors of the great capitalist concerns. This way the wages can be decreased by a saturation of the labourmarket. On the long term it secures a cultural, social and state disintegration, which breaks open the achievements of bourgeois democracy. Organized international capitalism and its globalist agenda do not recognize the territorial boundaries of international law, nor those of the right of national self-determination. 

Of course this underlying political-strategical goal of imperialism needs some media participation to let the European peoples and cultures participate in their own demise. To co-operate with this imperialist agenda they are emotionally conditioned. "Look", so they say, "these people, among them pregnant women and children, drowned in the sea because you didn't help them." Who doesn't know the tear-jerking reports about refugees such as Mauro Manuel, who ultimately led to the children's pardon for asylum seekers.  

Unfortunately, those who fell for this gullible disinformation did not understand that we are in the middle of an imperialist war. "No borders, no nations" has become the new marketing slogan of imperialism. Also the cosmopolitan left has made this their slogan. These agents of imperialism make no effort at all to refer in their protests and speeches to the cause of this all and offer no solutions at all.   

It is now more than three years ago that NATO bombs, paid from our tax money, sentenced tens of thousands of people to death in Libya. "No borders, no nations" became the bloody imperialist reality for the people over there. "No borders, no nations" is the slogan that goes hand in hand with war, mass murder, terror, torture, hunger and social misery worldwide. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya, Syria, to Ukraine, with Iran in its gun sight. "No borders, no nations" has become synonymous for the war of imperialism against international law and the national right on self-determination.   

Vagabonds from Africa camped and protested in The Hague, in Amsterdam and beyond. These refugees, who according to themselves came from the Italian isle of Lampedusa and don't speak a word of Dutch, parade behind professionally made banners in perfectly written Dutch. Who brought them to the Netherlands? Who organizes them, who formulates their demands, who pays for their expensive PR material and launches their media-campaigns? Many thousands of dollars these vagabonds had to pay per person to human traffickers to get to the European Union. Who pays all these sums of money?     

The answers to these questions come from the officials of imperialism themselves. Since the European Union was founded, EU-politicians advocate a more flexible asylum policy and immigration. Now the multicultural rhetoric’s seem to be outdated, the "open society" has become the new credo. As if Europe was not open enough already. In the port-town of Rotterdam the native population is already largely a minority. In neighboring Germany according to the statistics already about twenty million immigrants live in a population of about 80 million people (so they represent almost a quarter of the entire German population).    

Everyone who dares to defend the right on self-determination for peoples is labeled 'racist'. But where are these antiracists when it is about international law and national self-determination? They play a filthy game and not in the least they do this behind the backs of their foreign extras.

As national-revolutionaries our international solidarity goes out to the struggling working class and their peoples. The imperialist sham is not our cause!

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