woensdag 20 april 2016

23-04 Yes we can, Stop the TTIP! in Hannover (DE)

This weekend the US President Barack Obama will visit Hannover to negotiate with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the 'Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership' (TTIP) between the EU and US. With this TTIP treaty multinational corporations will impose their will as law and it will provide the capitalist monopolies with an unprecedented power.

This treaty is the newest instrument of the capitalist monopolies to get rid of any obstacle in the way of their everlasting search for maximisation of profits. It is a direct attack by the multinational corporations on the European and American communities and a mean to take away any restrictions on their activities.

The biggest losers of the TTIP will be the working masses. Social- and worker-rights, public health, environmental and food security regulations will be abolished, profits will be privatized while losses are collectivized. The situation for the workers will worsen even more under the influence of this new treaty. Therefore the TTIP must be seen as an unprecedented expansion of the policy of the capitalist monopolies, which completely violates the most basic interests and needs of the working class.

Therefore we call upon the working masses to resist against this treaty, as a part of our general struggle against the EU imperialists, the capitalist monopolies and their power. The struggle against the TTIP treaty is inseparable bound to the fight against the capitalist system in its totality, with its endless exploitation and oppression.

The ACN/AKN calls upon everybody to come Saturday the 23rd of April to bring the class struggle onto the streets of Hannover!


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