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The New Right: The Fifth Column of Zionism

In October 2010, the Dutch right wing populist Geert Wilders travelled to the German capital Berlin. As one of the most prominent representatives of the 'new right' within Europe, he was invited by his German comrades of the political party 'Die Freiheit'. Die Freiheit was founded by the former Berlin CDU-politician René Stadtkewitz. These kinds of new right political parties use the growing discontent, that follows from the imperialist developments, to portray themselves as anti-imperialists and so-called representatives for social themes. However, once we look closer, we will see that what we have here is a very spectacular and refined form of deception: a right wing tendency that was once opposition, but now aims at leading the people towards the agenda of the imperialists.

 Geert Wilders and René Stadtkewitz on the founding congress of Die Freiheit

During his speech in Berlin, Geert Wilders showed his true imperialist nature: “Those (the left in general) who claim that Western imperialism is just as big an evil as Soviet imperialism was; and now even state it is as bad as Islamic terrorism (...) During my speech at Ground Zero in new York on 9/11, I told that we are against a divide of the West - that is the USA and Europe -by the blames at our address by Islamist rhetoric. We must praise unity. This because the Western societies are the most free and most blooming in the world. Therefore, we can learn a lot from the USA, the most free nation in the world. (...) It is your (European) responsibility to chose the side of those who are threatened by Islam - like the State Israel and its Jewish population.” These statements represent the ideology and demagogy of NATO-imperialism in its purest form!

By studying their statements, we become familiar with what these right wing populist movements really are. Wilders for instance has time after time equated Judaism with Zionism - two concepts that exclude each other. That Geert Wilders and René Stadtkewitz are not the only ones who foster such ideas within the right wing spectrum, became clear in December 2010, when in the by the Zionists occupied Palestinian capital Jerusalem a quasi-official statement arose. In this so-called 'Jerusalem Pact' the participants took among others the following statements:

= “After the totalitarian systems of the 20th century were overcome, humanity once more is faced with a worldwide totalitarian threat: that of fundamentalist Islam.” Here it is not the imperialist development of capitalist globalization which is designated as the “totalitarian threat”, but only Islam as a religion. What exactly is the difference between “fundamentalist Islam” and all its other religious expressions is not clarified.

= “With this we are in the front lines of the Western democratic society of values.” So: Clash of Civilizations (Huntington) instead of struggle for social and cultural liberation.

= “We reject every form of fundamentalism, in any kind of religious and political movement whatsoever.” Sounds good at first glance. However, what directly stands out is that the fascist ideology of Zionism is completely exempted from this “rejection”.

= “As only democracy in the Middle East, Israel is our most important point of contact against this advancing totalitarian world religion.” No need to read any further. Calling Israel a democracy is the biggest possible nonsense. With this not only the real message of this statement becomes clear, but also the nature of the political project that lies behind it. Free and general elections are held within a democracy - which is not the case in Israel, because there are millions of people excluded from the elections. Not to mention the many blood baths and war crimes...

= “We recognize the existence of the state of Israel within the framework of international law. Just as the right of Israel to defend itself against all aggressors, especially that of Islamic terror.” Or to cite George Orwell: “War is peace!” Not the by US imperialism supported Zionism, which wages a war against the native population of Palestine and pursues ethnic cleansing, is the aggressor in this case. But apparantly, the Palestinian people who defend themselves against this great injustice, all according to international law, are.

“The here mentioned principles of this political line can not be changed, nor debated.” Well good to know.

This “Jerusalem Pact” was signed by, among others, the following political parties:

= Die Freiheit, Germany
= Pro-NRW, Germany
= FPÖ, Austria
= Zwedendemocraten, Sweden
= Vlaams Belang, Belgium (Flanders)

From the left to the right: Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ), Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang), René Stadtkewitz (Die Frieheit) - Jerusalem, Palestine 7 dec. 2010

This development is remarkable in many ways: Here the exact same rhetoric is repeated that the secret services and desinformants of NATO-imperialism use, who tried to introduce it with quite some success within the left wing movements. This was especially the case with so-called (anti-German/antideutsche) “Antifa”-groups, where these imperialists desinformants and demagogues abused antifascist cadres of reference to pass through a Zionist agenda. Naturally there are also all kinds of Zionists that can be found in leading roles within the SED/PDS/Die Linke. This new imperialist offensive is meant to also use new right parties to draw potential members and voters from the right national camp back to the NATO-line.

Antideutsche Antifa: Also within the left and antifascist scene zionist proxies are a mean to make activists ready to follow the imperialist agenda 

Within the misleading logic of the imperialist oligarchy and imperialist right (= the bourgeois parties of NATO-imperialism), not capitalism is responsible for the causes of these international developments with all its destructive consequences for man, nature and the world peace, but “the dark forces of Islam”. This example of scapegoat politics is nothing new within human history. A central problem within the European societies is that of forced alienation. However, it must be understood that it is not Islam that is the root of these problems, but a very important part of the imperialist strategy, to realize the disintegration of classic cultural nations in favor of globalism. Here it is not about the origin or religion of the designated groups, but about the imperialist agenda. Therefore, all the Islam- and integration debates are deceptions. Who cares how other cultures resolve their religious questions. Furthermore, integration is not the main problem - maybe in some cases, but it is certainly not the structural problem we are dealing with here.

What really worries the people is the mass immigration and the cultural alienation that accompanies it. The influence it has on the demographic developments within our own cultures and living spaces. These developments that are pre set up by imperialism, which neglect the right on self determination and aimed at undermining sovereignty, are increasingly realized behind the backs of ordinary civilians. Immigrants are merely used as pawns on the board game of the imperialists. Imperialism, that is internationally organized capital, wants to achieve two concrete goals with is migration politics: On one hand the immigrants will serve as cheap labor, which previously could only be exploited in further away regions - thus at higher costs. At the same time the wages of the native populations are decreased and social rights evaded. Also, with socialist- and union resistance it is hard to combat this imperialist strategy - for example by demanding a legal minimum wage -, because most of these aliens fall into the shadow economy and thus don't fall under official legal standards.

Geert Wilders adresses Pegida: Streetactivists of the New Right 

As a consequence of this immigration an immense pressure is exercised on the existing national and cultural structures. The right on cultural self determination of the European peoples is directly challenged. When this immigration politics - imposed by the mainstream parties of imperialism - escalates, only those who imposed these strategies are able to keep themselves standing. Nationstates and cultural structures are obstacles for imperialism and its strive to impose the global market and its geopolitical structures of power to realize the 'One World Capitalism' under imperialist dictatorship. In this context the 'New World Order' is of great use for imperialism, because it weakens all existing national structures -legal norms, economy, culture as well as territorial integrity - and contributes to their disintegration. Here the imperialist right wages its class struggle on an economic, legal as well as cultural level, where both the indigenous populations as well as the migrants become the victims.

This globalist background is totally neglected in the actual debates of the bourgeois imperialist mainstream. They are aimed at holding deceptive debates. Although the multicultural society is failed, some bourgeois parties want to combat its problems with even more immigration - “progressive”-strategists already make a doubtful attempt. While the problems of ordinary citizens pile up and the elites are alienating themselves from the daily reality, the social unrest and anxiety among parts of the population increase. The imperialist process of cultural disintegration is experienced more and more as a real threat. The resistance against it takes the shape of a growing self-awareness for cultural and national self-determination. Therefore, the imperialist strategists and desinformants have a huge interest to conceal their own part in this and to aim the resistance, against people from other cultures or from a “strange” religion. This is exactly the reason why these imperialist desinformants founded the new right; to try to instigate a cultural clash as a distraction from their own agenda.

New Right on the rise in the whole of Europe

As anti-imperialists we recognize that the problems of alienation are only one aspect of a broader set of imperialist developments - namely that of capitalist globalization. All these different questions are connected to each other. If we combine the social, cultural and international issues together, an inherent logic becomes clear. The national revolutionary discourse has the assignment to formulate a comprehensive criticism and to lead this into rational actions. This criticism has to contain clear answers. Therefore, we must unmask the new right for what it really is: namely a fifth column of imperialism and Zionism!

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