dinsdag 10 april 2012

Greece's ruin concerns us all

This goes out to all European Nationalists: Do not buy into the Mass Media Lies, always question images/photos you see in the media. Ask yourself who benefits of the spreading of certain information. Solidarize with Greece, support Greek Nationalists – Europe’s nations have one and same enemy. Always remember that. Today it’s Greece, tomorrow it might be your own country. We have to stand united to win this fight. For a Europe of Fatherlands. Greece is facing ruin and civil war. Portugal and Spain are not much better off. Iceland and Ireland recently stood before the abyss, and possibly soon Italy or France will follow. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and Europe’s net contributor countries, most notably the Federal Republic of Germany, will pay. But what and who is actually being paid, and who really pays?

The payments, ordered by government councils in Brussels and at the IMF, go to those banks and global financial conglomerates that own Greek (or Portuguese, etc.) debt instruments for which the interest cannot be paid. This is deceitfully referred to as aid to the countries in need although their governments have tried everything to escape this “aid”. The countries concerned are required to sell their gold reserves, to privatize the people's property at knockdown prices (in the same way as was done with the German Democratic Republic in the nineties), to ruin the state welfare system and to radically reduce the wages and pensions of workers. This, of course, means they are continuously losing their credit worthiness, their domestic demand is being choked off while at the same time their economy is being severely damaged. For more than a year Greece finds itself in Brussels receivership and is in fact already no longer a sovereign state. It has completed the first phase of the deliberate destruction of its state and national economy.

Europeans, misinformed by media and government, have no idea what's really going on and watch this Kafkaesque process as though paralyzed, even though they will be asked to pay for this policy which is directed against the sovereignty of each state and its people. The hundreds of billions that Portugal or Greece is force-fed by the creditors – that is the looters – will eventually be shelled out by European taxpayers, principally the Germans.

In reality not a single penny goes to Portugal or Greece. The money goes to the banks. We are witness to an ongoing raid by banks of the taxpayers of EU member countries. The money is simply transferred a few times in through the front door and out the back door. The bankers of these fraudulent stateless financial institutions (with headquarters or branches in Frankfurt) go to the ECB (with headquarters in Frankfurt) and there organize and receive virtually interest-free loans of billions of dollars. Then the financial tricksters go a few steps along the terminal and with the money just created out of thin air and buy government bonds of these countries, that is government debt that has already been organized and bundled together by these international financial crooks. Since the creditworthiness of these countries is badly damaged the banks logically charge high interest rates of 10% or more. To do this their subsidiaries, the allegedly independent “rating agencies”, assist them by assigning their rating for the country and the value of its government bonds. Because these ratings are deemed to be binding the hypocritical banks see no objection to once again raising the interest rates for their loans to these low rated countries. However, with its dramatically declining tax revenues the country is not in a position to pay these extortionate rates so it desperately seeks new investors, who, logically, require even higher interest rates. When this no longer works – and with Greece and Portugal this is the case – then the hard-working EU citizen is required to pay up…naturally without being asked. Nor was he asked two years ago as he had to use his hard-earned savings to rescue large banks who had spun out of control on account of their greed for money.

That which we have just described is the wonder of excessive growth of the money supply – resembling something like the workings of an alchemist’s workshop. Up this alchemist’s chimney the modest prosperity of millions of people has been disappearing for many years (at least since the Lisbon Treaty). The fireplace provides the heat for the central heating of the super rich of this world. But everyone knows that this fire will soon go out because there is no more firewood left. The banks know this quite well and so before this happens in close coordination with the IMF in Washington and the Brussels apparatus they try to plunder as much as possible in order then to transform the money they have created out of thin air into real wealth – real estate, agricultural land, mineral resources, profitable companies in the real economy, power companies, transport systems, water supply companies, monopolies, patents, licenses – and gold. The gold of 60 states has already been collected. In the nineties even well-off Switzerland had to pay their tribute in gold. According to the way of thinking of those nomads who see the world as a grazing area, that which is “ownerless” – i.e. the people's property or state owned property of other nations – they appropriate for themselves.

Once there's nothing left, nothing more can be looted. Not only financially but also at the political and social level; everything is then gone. The states are bankrupt and incapacitated. Famine and civil war threaten or become reality. Then, when it eventually hits the fan, the looters suddenly appear as our saviours with their UN troops and NATO mercenaries to put down the uprisings, “protect civilian populations” with bombs and missiles (as in Libya) and after this apocalyptic Armageddon finally proclaim zero hour has arrived, roll out a “currency reform”, name a few scapegoats – and then all will be well. It will be easy for them with all their looted gold stashed away to propose a sound gold-backed currency and in best socialist manner promote the new global economy erected on a “level playing field”, while they themselves overtly exercise world domination.

At this point on the European Union will blatantly fulfil the task for which it was established: In the midst of many administrative areas a new one will be created based on the axis Temple Mount – Wall Street – Pentagon.

These are our prospects – harshly, but realistically formulated. Many Europeans suspect or even know it. But they’re paralysed like deer in front of a car’s headlamps and do not possess the courage to stand up to destroy these financial terrorists. That therefore is the situation. For that reason EUROPEAN ACTION (EA) was born in order to counter the treacherous EU with the concept of ​​a European Confederation. Under item 6 of the 7 objectives of the EA the following is stated:

1) In future the central banks should be run by state corporations not only in theory but also in practice.

2) The state is to revoke the provision of legal protection for private interest charging.

3) Only recognised state, financial and cultural corporations should have the right to operate commercial banks.

These principles will be equally necessary for the recovery of the world as it will be difficult to enforce them. Without a global revolution against the ruling system freedom will not be won. Those insightful and energetic people in Europe must unite under the banner of the EA to achieve the political weight that allows them to transform Europe in the sense of achieving the seven objectives. The order to be followed should be evident. First to arouse insight into the facts and contexts: politically, historically, economically. Then follows the organized political struggle for freedom. Only then can a just social order be established. Our mottos are therefore:


The following article has been written for the European Action Organisation in June 2011. It contains extensive background information about the current crisis in Greece.

Source: Ediktyo (Greece)

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