zondag 1 april 2012

March 31 - Actions against Capitalism

Saturday the 31st of March activists from the ACN/AKN distributed several hundreds of flyers at Utrecht Overvecht in support of the M31 day of action against capitalism. They also put up a banner to call for a unification of all anticapitalist forces in the struggle against international capitalism.

Although we as Nationalists consistently reject the cosmopolitanism of the modern leftwing and support the right of national self-determination and ethnical singularity, we recognize the fundamental importance of international solidarity within the working-class. Globalization has led to the destruction of the nation state and a centralization of power at an European level. With this the need was born for organized resistance against capitalism on an European level. Worldwide international capitalism has caused peoples and their nations to be plunged into an unprecedented social crisis, while it rules by oppression and sowing sectarian discord. Let us be clear that the immigrants who are brought to our country by capitalist motivated mass migration are not our enemies. Let us be clear that the leftist scene is not our enemy. Just like us, they are all victims of the hated capitalist system and therefore we have a shared interest in its complete destruction.

Also in The Hague some activists of the ACN/AKN organized picket lines in front of several banks in the city centre. Over a thousand flyers where distributed among the shopping public and conversations took place with interested bystanders. There was a lot of sentiment present under the public, who are now starting to feel the drastic consequences of the economic crisis and the capitalist system. In the evening the day of activism was closed with a meeting where the day was evaluated and the theme was discussed.


Also in Italy activists of the ACN/AKN platform conducted several action in the context of M31 – ‘Day of Action against Capitalism’. Inter alia in Turin, Ivrea and Massa several flash mobs where organized by banks, slogans where painted and banners with anticapitalist text where hang on neuralgic points. Beside this the comrades there stay unabated active in the "NO TAV" campaign with other autonomous forces.

In Frankfurt in Germany several activists attended the M31 protest which attracted over 6000 participants. In Frankfurt/Main near the heart of the European financial centre this led to militant resistance and fights with the riot police. The police used massive teargas and the baton, but the protesters defendend themselves with stones and bottles. At the seat of the ECB the protesters tried to break out and paintbombs where thrown against the cops who had sealed of the building. In the Berliner Strasse all windows of the police station where smashed and in the end of the Battonstrasse the demonstration was attacked by a enormous police force after which the demonstration became scattered. Untill deep in the night a urban guerilla warfare raged in Frankfurt which caused a material damage of over 7 million euro for the system.

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