vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Anti-Imperialist manifestation in Antwerp (BE)

On the 29th of March some 30 comrades gathered in the heart of Antwerp (Belgium) to protest against imperialism. A delegation of the Vrije Nationalisten Noord-Brabant and the NSA/ANS collective attended the manifestation to make a firm statement against the warmongering of the US, EU and her NATO allies. Several hundreds of flyers where distributed among the people passing by.


After the bloody aggression wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, a new imperialist intervention by the US, EU and their NATO allies threatens Syria. Again the so-called "Arab spring" is hijacked by Western imperialists to safeguard their Trans-Atlantic interests in the region. By inciting sectarian violence under local ethnic groups they try to break the anti imperialist resistance of the Ba'athist regime.

The imperialists learned from earlier experiences like for example in Libya how to justify their warmongering:

- Negotiations with the Syrian regime are marginalized and the opposition is by all means supported by the imperialists.

- Assad is systematically demonized with the help of the mass media.

- Sanctions against the Syrian people are increased and weaken the regime.

Meanwhile the "Syrian National Council”, which is hostile to Iran, is founded with the help of Western allies. By doing so they try to break the axis Iran-Syria-Hezbollah - the Eastern anti imperialist front and final stronghold against the American-Zionist occupier. By replacing the regime of Assad by an anti Iranian and pro Western regime the imperialists try to safeguard their geopolitical interests in the Persian Gulf as well as 40% of the worldwide oil production. The fall of Syria will lead to a further isolation of Iran. By this the interests of Israel are served. Because this will lead to the disappearance of the corridor to Palestine, which guarantees the Iranian supply of finance, weapons and humanitarian aid to the Palestine resistance against the Zionist occupational politics.

The mainstream leftwing and bourgeois Nationalists gaze at the opposition against the Syrian regime through the pink glasses of the Western spectacle and take the unsocialist stand that the "masses in the streets" automatically mean a revolutionary progress. With this they choose the side of imperialism and support the bloody interest politics of international capitalism. With the intervention in Syria, imperialism does not only try to gain a military victory again, but also to divide her political opposition even further.

The Vrije Nationalisten Noord-Brabant en the NSA/ANS collective support the liberation struggle against imperialism and international capitalism. We take a consequent position against each and every form of imperialism. Our solidarity goes out to all who battle for the right on self-determination and who commit militant resistance against the imperialism of foreign powers. Therefore peace for Syria and Iran, and freedom for Palestine!

"A day will come when the nationalists will find themselves the only defenders of Islam. They will have to give a special meaning to it if they want the Arab nation to have a good reason for survival."

Michel Aflaq



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