zaterdag 7 juli 2012

The economic crisis; Going along or fight back?

While the contemporary man makes a fuss about the European Championship or what they are going to wear today, the ruthless economic crisis caused by finance capitalism rages over Europe. Our world and society perish by the hands of banks, creditors, speculators and the free market. Politicians of neoliberal, social-democratic and so-called labour parties only work for their self interest, government officials sell their soul to big business for a future job in those corporations.  

Western communities are degenerated under the influence of oligarchs, the commercialization of culture and the huge influence of mass media. When society finally wakes up from its fascination for entertainment, fastfood and consumerism it will find itself discomposed of tradition, governed by an oppressive power structure and bound to the obligations of appropriations.

Finance capitalism is the enemy of all humans! In our current age and society this becomes clear for an ever growing number of people. More and more countries fall prey to the greedy clutches of this devastating power. Over the past decade we have seen many countries go down, while other countries already stand in line to jump of the cliff right into the ravine that is manufactured for the mob by the financial markets.

Banks sold risky loans to European states at high interest rates of which they knew they could never be repaid. Therefore these countries where forced to increasingly take on new loans, to pay the interest of their old loans. Next to this they are constantly pressured by the rating agencies, who continuously further downgrade these countries, thereby making the interest for future loans even higher. In the long run this process makes it practically impossible to pay off any loan.  

This led to an increasing number of countries that have to be "saved" by the European Union. The conditions the IMF, ECB and EU require on these loans, for countries that get so-called financial emergency kits, make life for the common civilian nearly impossible. A class war appears to occur by raising the taxes, selling tourist sites, destroying all welfare, selling public lands, the sale of ports (such as the port of Piraeus in Greece), etc. Only the bourgeoisie can still live a normal life in the countries suffering debt, while the proletarians can only try to survive in misery.

By eliminating almost all possibilities for self-sufficiency it is difficult for these countries to ever get rid of their enormous debts. Still the bankers continue to reflect the image that their financial emergency plans are rescue plans. They don't tell us that the noose is more and more tightened for countries such as Greece.    

In fact the financial "help" is only intended to help the banks and investors who gave loans to these ailing countries. The only problem the banks encounter is how to get the population of the ailing countries docile behind their plans, surely there still are people who find the behaviour of the bankers, rulers, speculators and creditors condemnable and want to resist against them.

The neoliberal, social democratic and labour parties of Europe all follow the same discourse; privatising the basic infrastructure of a country and "selling" its future income in advance.    

National governments have to - whether or not voluntarily - surrender to the will and demands of finance capitalism. If a government doesn’t cooperate with the plans imposed by the EU and IMF they will take surreptitiously precautions to make the government fall so they can push a technocrat to power - preferably one with a financial background, for instance with Goldman Sachs. The governments degenerate into simple puppets of high finance by using national debt as a lever to cut off any national security, asset and ownership bit by bit from the people, for the cosmopolitan financial class. Gradually we fall back in a medieval system of kastes and classes driven by financial laws that stand above any public and common law, even if these run against the public interest.

The opportunities for banks to tighten the nooses for countries have never been as big as nowadays. Therefore the bankers are eagerly fabricating the loans that are needed to "help" the ailing countries. The EU loans keep the countries just long enough in the EU for bankers, speculators and capitalists to stash their money elsewhere. Once they removed their money from these countries, they don't care if the country goes bankrupt, has to take on the old currency and de-evaluate it into a third world country. Until the transition to the old, now devalued currency has become a reality, the country has to enter the politics of wage deflation and the cut back of public spending (except the payments to the financial sector of course). Because of this employment will decrease and the people who still have a job can barely survive on their hard-earned wage.        

The biggest victim of the cuts and devaluations set by these countries is the worker, who's only product - labour - becomes worthless. Labour is the main domestic costs factor, if the wages cannot be decreased by internal devaluation (unemployment, starting with the public sector, which eventually leads to decreasing wages), in the end it will succeed by the devaluation of the common currencies. This is how the European war of the creditors against the ailing countries will change into a class struggle.  

However, to realize such neoliberal reforms foreign pressure is needed to circumvent the domestic parliaments. Not every country will passively cooperate to the sell out of its peoples interests.

There however is something that is even worse than being exploited by the molochs of our time, namely the absence of exploitation. One is no longer needed to be exploited because of the globalization, which makes it easy for corporations to transfer their production to countries where labour is even cheaper. After all the principle of profit has become the main moral and regulator in this age.  

Politicians tell us that as a country we need to make more profits and experience even more economic growth. This must happen against all costs, every year the numbers have to show it and it may never be subject of any discussion. The only one who will benefit through this is the capitalist class. Finance capitalism knows how to fool the public and tell the people that the principle of profit is the only logical one, that it is the meaning of our existence and the guarantee for democracy. Most people don't resist this notion and are conditioned to think that freedom and free market are somehow the same. There is no more struggle, they believe like weak docile sheep that the current and future circumstances are natural, insurmountable and unavoidable.      

The rotten version of labour; employment, forms the foundation of our modern Western civilization. We despairingly cling to that which has become the most enlightend myth of our modern civilization; the myth of labour, progress, growth and prosperity. People no longer want to see that economic grow is not eternal.

We live in a rotten and completely failed system that artificially is kept alive, so that in a covered manner a tyranny and dictatorship can be exercised over us, without the "social cohesion" is compromised. Our politicians continue to lie to us and press imaginary enemies upon us to make us blind for the real enemy; the free market and finance capitalism. We have become a society of slaves and most of us don't even know it.

We have no single say in our own economy or about the economic measures that are taken to combat the crisis. These are imposed by the EU and IMF, the tools of the oligarchs. We lost our say and autonomy of our economy, our army and our politics. We don't live in a democratic country, we are slaves for the economic oligarchs. All Western countries have huge debts and are forced to pay these debts and interests to foreign investors, and by that placing them above our own domestic economy.      

The definition of the free market means that everything is under the direction and power of the large bankers. The free market only leads to a market that is free for privatisers that buy a monopoly on all basis services so they themselves can determine the prices without any interference from the people. All public property ends up in the hands of speculators who create a new form of serfdom. The neo-feudalism looms on the horizon as the new reality.

All contemporary contingency plans and emergency funds are only set to save the banks from destruction, or at least the bankers. Centuries-old nation-states are replaced by economies established by bankers.

Economy has become a form of war. Just like military conquests, the goal is to control everything and to impose its will. This is what finance capitalism is doing these days. The declared war against the proletarians which is already almost won without the use of any army or conventional aggression. However, the attacked countries are just as devastated as though they were invaded by a real army.

Finance capitalism has gathered enough power to turn over the ideological roles and to pretend that the strive for national self-determination and resistance against the cosmopolitan claims of finance capitalism to impose cuts on labour, is bad for our people. Debts that never can be repaid are put on the shoulders of the people, without them being able to do something about it.

The ECB makes it impossible for European countries to get out of this crisis as an autonomous nation. By implementing the Euro it’s practically impossible for a national bank to finance the government deficits. European countries simply don't have a national bank anymore; all financial power is in the hands of the ECB. The public sector has been made dependent on commercial foreign banks and speculators. Politicians undermine there own free market principle by this, because the only companies that can survive this financial climate are the multinationals. The politics are financialised and economies are privatised.    

Banks don't have any trouble to subject countries to austerity, cutbacks or even depression so that they have to sell out their land and corporations, lower the standard of living for the people, and so on. This only leads to a process where more money and power concentrates at the top of the economic pyramid. Again and again it is showed that it is not the richest people who suffer from the economic crisis. Millionaires become billionaires and billionaires get even more money. This is the dictatorship of the richest against the earth and all her peoples.      

The problem is that credit is debt and debt has to be paid of with interest. When a country pays interest, less money remains to spend on goods and services. The bubble that is our economy is slowly changing into a nightmare, where the debts created by banks and politicians are taken from the civilians. Because our politicians bind us with the Euro noose we are bound to what the Euro does. Everyone in Europe should realize that by this path internal devaluation and inflation or even hyperinflation are virtually inevitable.

The past has shown us that hyperinflation and internal devaluation inevitably leads to revolution. We can see what is happening in countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal where the markets are plummeting and unemployment is rampant; the masses go onto the streets and resist! The rulers never cared about saving the nation and its people; it’s only about private interests and private property.

Finance capitalism tries to split the revolutionary forces and blinds us for the real cause for all the misery and problems that afflict the world. We have to unite against the real cause, instead of fighting each other! The time is ripe for revolution, we have to join hands and take up arms. We must no longer let ourselves be led to the slaughterhouse as willingly victims; we have to enter the struggle. It’s time we liberate our peoples from the yoke of capitalism and neoliberalism. Not only for ourselves, the world and our future, but for all future generations!  

Netwerk Nationale Socialisten / Vrije Nationalisten Noord-Brabant

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