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Interview with the Dutch NSA/ANS collective for the ACN/AKN

We all see that the 'crisis’ is just getting worse and worse. This isn’t just an ordinary recession: this is the true face of REAL CAPITALISM! The nationalrevolutionaries can play a useful role in organising anti-capitalist activities in this moment. With the ACN/AKN we have recently seen an important evolution that can be registered in the rising appeal and relative rejuvenation of anti-capitalist politics and perspectives in the NR anti-globalization movements.

• How did the idea for an European Anti-capitalist Network come up?

The idea of an anti-capitalist network was born on 3 December 2011 after a political meeting in Milan. Several autonomous activists from the Netherlands, Germany and of course Italy came together to discuss about the main problem and main enemy of our ideology: World capitalism. We all did agree that this kind of capitalism (international capitalism) can't be beaten on a national level, so the decision was made to form an international network to support, and help, every revolutionary activist in every part of the world, starting on an European basis. 

• What are the basic principles on which you organize as such?

We try to avoid terms like “organizing”, because we see our collective (the NSA) as a actionplatform where every individual person can participate in. Everybody can use this name, if it is at least within the ideological framework of the majority of the collective. We don't have members or leaders, therefore we are 'autonomous', because we think no person is 'better' then another, everyone has something to bring in, because people can think for themselves - we are all free (in the sense of 'independent') political activists.

• Organizational questions are always political questions: is the organising from below, in Autonomy, the right way today to move forward new concepts more adapted to today’s situation? And what do you think about Autonomous Nationalist (AN) movements?

We see autonomy as THE way to bring every nation into a socialist revolution. Indeed autonomy is the mobilizing, again we want to avoid the word 'organizing', of the masses from below, the working class, the true productive elements within a nation. But we don't see autonomy only as a leaderless concept for street activism against the system, but also as a form of politics and economy. Our goal is a decentralized political society based on workerscouncils (soviets), a true democracy (for the workers!). Also we want the decentralized economy of workers councils within factories, etc. As for the autonomous socialist revolution, we believe that the masses must become aware of the revolutionary idea of destroying capitalism and their State. We believe that the masses can and must do this on their own, without a leader or leaders, party or group to lead them - no political program can help a revolution because that party will be then at some point more important than the will of the working masses (bureaucracy). So yes, a autonomous revolution must every time be refreshing and contain new concepts because politics and economy always are changing, and our thinking, our action methods etc. must change with it as well.

As for the Autonomous movements we of course think that this could be the way forward (= towards revolution). We still see that some AN-movements in certain European countries don't distance themselves fully from several reactionary elements or still don't understand what 'autonomy' really means. Our main points of criticism are: 1) A total lack of a believable and valid analysis of capitalism and 2) A total lack of understanding of the importance of class struggle (many don't want to see that ONLY working class can successfully fulfill the national liberation. The (national) bourgeoisie has sold itself out to US-led international finance capitalism (in the period after 1945). We want to use class struggle as a catalyst for the suppressed and exploited masses towards revolution.

• Why did you choose the network form for this Europe-wide Anti-capitalist collective?

Because of the reasons already given to build a anti-capitalist network.

• ACN/AKN is supposed to be a point of departure for future developments. What are you going to do to make this happen? 

We are trying to build a stronger movement by supporting and participation in every action in every European country within the context of  a radical workers autonomous movement. We will do so with extensions of ideology knowledge, discussion about the actual political situation in the world, making propaganda and many more. We think ACN/ANK-network has the possibility to become a platform for unity of action between the revolutionary truly anti-capitalist section of the 'far right' and the truly revolutionary anti-capitalist sections of the 'far left', for example what Franco Freda did and worked for in the past and the cooperation of both radical 'left' and 'right' movements in Italy during the 70's and 80's.

• What is the situation of the Anti-capitalist Resistance in the Netherlands today?

Within the national movement here in the Netherlands no such thing as a truly anti-capitalist idea exists. Many within the movement say they are anti-capitalist but they don't possess a good analysis of what capitalism really means. So practically the only true socialist alternative is represented by the NSA and comrades of the 'Vrije Nationalisten” (Free Nationalists aka Network of Nationalist Socialists). 

• In the framework of the present movement, have you established ongoing relations with other nationalist movements in your country? And if so, of what kind?

We have cut off ties with all reactionary parts of our (national) movement. Although we sometimes meet them on demonstrations somewhere in the Netherlands, it is nothing more then marching separately for some political objectives we have in common. It is not a cooperation.

• Organising International Solidarity is important as a way of pushing the struggle forward across Europe. So what would you say are the main forms of solidarity that would be most helpful?

Political education and direct actions, that are our main priorities. Only testing our theory into praxis will shape the ultimate solidarity. Action speaks louder than words! Good examples of practical international solidarity were in our opinion the European anti-capitalist mass-demonstrations/rallies in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) organized by the March 31 actiongroups (anarcho-syndicalists) and the Blockupy movement.

• Do you have any final thoughts?

Be a socialist, stay loyal to your class and nation, be a true comrade and real political soldier, keep up the struggle against State and Capitalism and do always think for yourself. (That's the main principle of autonomy!) Do not let others think for you and in stead of you. Rely only on your own force and do not trust any of the selfappointed so called “leaders” (especially not the ones within the so called “national movement”!). If we want to achieve our goals, then we can only rely on ourselves (our own strength) and on worker's solidarity! That are the things we want to say to our readers. Greeting to all comrades and thanks to the comrades of the autonomous resistance in Italy for this interview.

Anti-capitalist/socialist greetings, NSA Netherlands

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