vrijdag 21 september 2012

The Folk Community as an alternative for Capitalism

Society is not an abstract phenomenon which stands above the individual, but multiple little inter-relations. Within these relations it is the natural associations and social units that form the absolute basis for a harmonious society. These natural associations and social units take shape in the family, the community and the people. The peoples consciousness can be seen as the collective memory and historic essence of the ancestors from a people. These are tightly rooted in a common language as well as in the psychological nature of each individual, which is shaped by the cultural interaction of the group within her own environment. Each people can be seen as a part of humanity and represents a natural community of peace. So in fact the people and community who grow organically from a certain region become synonymous for the tem "nation".

The nation differentiates itself from the state, because the latter represents a natural "enemy". The nation represents the natural organic society without constraint, whereas the state never voluntarily came about. The state replaces free co-operation, voluntary solidarity and her consciousness (the folk community) by statist systems and laws who represent the social death of power politics and her bureaucracy. The only way to overcome the state is the growth of a true organic structure that exists in the form of family and the folk community.

Therefore our real enemy is the state in which the spirit of humanity finds itself. The abstract thinking, alienation, materialism and the overall submission. Brutal deeds can not bring about a better humanity, because a humane future can only exist if there is a humane present. Abstraction, mechanistic thought and cold blooded logic lies - as we know from capitalism and communism - are the root of the terrorist mentality. The answer to this must be construction instead of destruction: the organisation of an entirely new spirit. We resist the spirit of capitalism and communism, with both her perversions of the exchange and its exclusion of each other human aspect that isn't materialistic.

It’s the development of folk communities and mutual economic alternatives that provide the key for the abolishment of capitalism. Today the social alienation is bigger than ever before. The last remaining folk cultures are under severe attack by corporate life with her Hollywood and McDonald’s mass culture. Despite all this there still exists a pronounced urge within some people to rediscover ones own people, its roots and its cultural and historic past. Especially in an increasingly globalized world, regional and national sentiments become increasingly important. The state doesn't offer solutions but is part of the problem; it participates with the globalization with its continuous stimulation of mass migration, the destruction of small business and small farming in favour of international conglomerates and her submission to capitalist interests. Only by making ourselves as independent as possible from the state by creating our own alternative communities, we can take the first steps towards the revival of the organic folk community.

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