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An Analysis of Capitalism

In this contribution the NSA will attempt to further elaborate on the matter of capitalism. How can we describe it, how does it work and how should we analyze this in the contemporary movement?

We consider society to be a class society, in which there is an ongoing class struggle every day. This class society exists out of different classes, the (propertyless) working class and the propertied class. The propertied class we call capitalists. In this matter we define property not as ownership of a house or a car, but as the ownership of the means of production. Think of capital, machines, land, labor and so on. The working class is forced to "hire" his labor to the capitalist in order to stay alive. The capitalist has to bring a product onto the market. This product has a certain value and profit, also known as surplus or overvalue. From the value of the product the workers wage is paid, who uses this to pay his rent and to buy provisions. Without this the worker would not be able to survive. The profit is used for the maintenance of the production machines en goes to the capitalists themselves (industrial owners and stockholders). This exploitation of the working class is what we call the capitalist economy.

For the NSA collective this is the only correct analysis of the capitalist system. In the early '20's Gottfried Feder thought that the crucial problem of capitalism lies in the sphere of money circulation. But we are not merely opposed to the economic system of debt slavery and the credit of banks (financiers- or banking capital). We believe, just like Marx, that the fundamental problem of capitalism lies in the ownership of the means of production. Therefore we stand on the basis of class struggle. A struggle between different classes who have different interests. The worker has an urge to survive, in which he depends on the capitalist class, who is only interested in more profits. This has been a fact throughout history: slave and slaveholder, bondman and feodal lord. Not only the private owners of the means of production are our enemies, but also their reformist collaborators such as the social-democrats, system-unions and all political organizations and parties who support the capitalist system with their "bonzocracy" (= when persons or leaders have only an interest in an organization or party because of personal interests) play a role in this.      

So what would be the alternative for the cancer that is capitalist exploitation? The only credible alternative for the NSA is soviet-socialism. This would be the only way to completely destroy capitalism by means of revolution! The way in which we describe this revolution also forms the basis of our socialist economic politics. We define revolution as the overthrow of the capitalist class (or bourgeoisie). After this the working class will take collective possession of the means of production thereby realizing the dictatorship of the proletariat (= working class). So, the means of production no longer is the property of the small 1 % (non-productive) propertied class, but become collective property of the 99% of the propertyless masses (the actual producers!). Furthermore after the revolutionary transition a new formula of money circulation, value judgment and payment will be created in this new society based on the concept of the soviets. To formulate this new method we will quote comrade Otto Neurath from his work 'Wirtschaftsplan und Naturalrechnung' (page 83):

"The teachings of socialist corporate life know only one single producer-distributor, the society, which without profit loss-calculation, without circulation of money, organizes its production, be it in metal or labor money, on the basis of a production plan that organizes production and divides living standards according to socialist rules."  

During the revolutionary transition of soviet rule the function of the state is taken over by (corporate, industrial, etc.) soviets, with the purpose to let the working class by means of basis-democracy organize the production. This is meant to prevent any bureaucratic-capitalist derailments (no new "bonzocracy" and no new bureaucratic class). We don't want state capitalism in which the working class doesn’t know any real say about the means of production and the organization of production.

We have concluded that a successful implementation of capitalism has to be on a global basis in which every people has to start and behold the revolution in its own nation. One people cannot start a revolution for the other, because the circumstances in each nation are different. Only if a global revolt is ensured, capitalism is truly eliminated. In a sense, we can describe this process as an "international nationalism", however NOT in the sense of Trotsky! There should be NO export of the revolution, every people has to liberate its OWN nation!

It must be very clear that we, the NSA collective, don't see soviet socialism as a temporary reaction on the current crisis of capitalism. Even if we all would have an acceptable standard of living we still should settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the exploitative capitalist system. It’s only social justice for the masses in which we are interested. The exploitation of one human being by the other must stop. In the end only the revolution of the masses can be proclaimed and if certain individuals will not understand this, we must attend them to the words of comrade Carlos Martighela:

"If you don't want to do anything for the revolution, then don't you act against it!"    

Comrades! Forwards to autonomous resistance!
For the unity of the working class on a revolutionary basis!
For direct action! For soviet revolution!

* Speech of comrade Karl-Jan during a meeting of the Vrije Nationalisten / Netwerk Nationale Socialisten on 10-03-2012 in Tilburg.

Source: Nationale Socialistische Aktie / Autonome Nationale Socialisten

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