zaterdag 1 december 2012

18-11-2012 Stop the War! Freedom and safety for Palestine!

While a new wave of Israeli aggression towards the Palestinian people has burst out, the Israeli war orchestra comes to Antwerp to promote the responsible State terrorists of the IDF. As a protest several groups manifested against their performance at the province house in Antwerp, among them a delegation of the New-Solidarist Alternative (Nieuw-Solidaristisch Alternatief), Free Nationalists (Vrije Nationalisten) and the ANS/NSA. The Israeli army orchestra "Tzahal" is a music group that has been set up to promote the Israeli military and try to give this army a "humanitarian face". However the Israeli military is the executive body of the Israeli State terrorism the Palestinian people have to suffer from on a daily basis.

Last Wednesday Israel has again started a murderous offensive against the Gaza strip. The motivation for this offensive was the request of president Mahmoud Abbas to the United Nations to recognize Palestine as a non-member state. The operations of the Israeli army are related to the imperialist interventions in and the NATO aggression against Syria and Iran. Therefore we support the Palestinian people in their struggle against Zionism and occupation. We also recognize their right to an independent Palestinian nation.

About 150 protesters from very several movements showed their dissatisfaction near the Tzahal concert, which under the misplaced phrase "Born for Peace" promotes the murder of innocent civilians, elders, women and children. We will keep on fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people, because their rights are also our rights!    

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