vrijdag 14 december 2012

National Resistance and Anticapitalist struggle in Italy. For a Social Revolution!

Since its inception, Italian Resistenza Nazionale (National Resistance) movement has developed as a form of non-hierarchical militant activism completely disconnected from classical structures such as political parties and leadership centralism. Taking the example from european Autonome Nationalisten front, RN try to express a new type of involvement, a grassroots activism, often individual and independent, in which there are not leaders, bosses, secretaries, managers, owners and more and where each group and individual members come together to achieve commonly agreed objectives.

A sort of 'militant voluntarism', which does not follow ‘fashion political tendencies' or the symbolic stereotyped nationalism, but, based on radical values and irreducibly concepts and with heterogeneous references, creates new paths and a new style of opposition, becoming the point of reference for anyone who really seek an alternative to passive acceptation of the system!

Facing the situation of economical, social and political breakdown, anticapitalism soon emerged like a milestone in our struggle, becoming an important battlefront for RN activists, a complaint against exploitation, greed, violence, imperialism of large corporations, globalization and anti-democratic oligarchy, the rule of profit on protection of the environment, criminal consumerism, against the alienation caused by a system that is based entirely on greed and selfishness.

The new permanent structure of global capitalism (in fact, we do not call this situation ‘a crisis’, because this is not a temporary situation, but the new structural reality of our society) have in fact produced an economical falling down of the European economy that begins to be felt heavily in several nations, like in Italy! Relocations, foreclosures and layoffs are taking place every day across our nation and in many European countries. There is a whole continent that is loosing its factories complex and undergoes almost in silence the devastating effects of decades of economic turbocapitalism and globalization.

In 2009 activists around the RN front started the Stop Capitalismo Network (http://stop-capitalismo.blogspot.it/ ), a mix of projects, events and propaganda that tries to make social communication, political and cultural anti-capitalism for an ongoing campaign against capitalism and globalization, trying to spread awareness! Because national anticapitalist politics come from real lives and the real world, they are a necessity, not a theory! We believe that even if you’re thinking big, it’s the small things you do every day that make a difference!

So, from the beginning Stop Capitalismo focussed its attention on precarity and criminal flexibility, making several street actions inviting peoples to become aware of the fact that this is a situation that is completely new and different from what we have seen in the past, a STRUCTURAL STANDING with negative effects that will be felt for decades!

We think that spreading awareness of the real situation is the first step toward a Social Revolution! Capitalism has nothing to offer us except an endless cycle of precarity, poverty, exploitation, recession and unemployment. Without understanding that capitalism is not only petty shopping, big malls and stupid consumerism but a system run purely for profit in the interests of privileged at the expense of all the others, a systematic project of exploitation of land and people for financial profit of a small group of élites at the expense of the lives of the masses, we can’t think about a Revolution!

All these experiences make us aware that there is a need of convergence of European national anti-capitalist struggles, that true European national-anticapitalists needed a common strategy and vision. This led in the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 to the birth of ACN/AKN! This is the way forward!

CAPITALISM is burying EUROPE!  Don't sit on the sidelines, join the struggle!

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