woensdag 6 maart 2013

Resist Magazine

We are proud to present the very first edition of "Resist magazine". Resist magazine is a publication linked to the Anti-Capitalist Network (ACN/AKN). 

In this first edition:

"Social-Fascism": The Fascism of the Leftwing

1st of May - Get on the streets

Anarchism and Fascism: Antagonists?

National Resistance and Anticapititalist struggle in Italy

The Folk Community as an alternative for Capitalism 

The true roots of Ecological activism

Interview with the Dutch NSA/ANS collective for the ACN/AKN

What is Fascism?

Globalisation and the loss of our Enviroment

The National revolutionary movement in the Weimar Republic 

Greece Ruin concerns us all

The economic crisis; Going along or fight back?

Introduction fo the Dutch section of the ACN

Is there a "Fascist" danger today?

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