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Squatting: still a legitimate mean of action

Squatting is the occupation of property without the permission of the owner. It grew as a reaction to the enormous housing shortage of the sixties. During the crisisyears of '70 and '80 squatting became more popular and a squatters movement developed with a  predominantly "leftwing" ideological character. Therefore squatting as a means of action led to a long and intense debate within the nationalist movement. Since 1 october 2010 squatting is punishable in the Netherlands through the new squatting law, but this doesn't make the discussion about the legitimacy of squatting less important.  

We want to make clear that squatting is NOT an exclusive right of the "leftwing movement". Although historically squatting is associated with the "leftwing movement", they certainly don't have the monopoly on the struggle for housing rights. The residential struggle concerns us ALL. In a time that fellow countrymen have to stay on long waiting lists, which lasts for years, to be in the running for an overpriced "social" rental house, in which fellow countrymen are still wandering the streets without shelter and in which property is massively exploited by unscrupulous landlords and speculators for their own selfish profits, resistance is an absolute duty!

The unlimited victory of capitalism has created a society in which the pursuit of money has become the highest goal in life. Profit and economic growth, how worthless as it maybe, is worshipped, greed and selfishness are present everywhere. Also housing policy has become just another new path for the rich to get richer. The housing shortage is only increased by the policy of homeowners, privatized housing corporations and institutional investors, who demolish houses from an economic perspective, then failing to meet their promise to rebuild affordable social housing. In their vision housing is not a primary necessity of life for the people, but merely a product on which they can make a profit. The housing shortage provides speculators and slumlords a means to raise the rents to maximalize their profits over the welbeing of the people. With this they forfeit their rights on property! Primary needs should not be privatized!  

The same government who failed to provide its people, which they are supposed to represent, with the primary need of housing has now implemented a (squatting) law which offers protection to speculators and slumlords, who enrich themselves by disturbing the balance of the housingsupply. Squatting and other forms of protest against this injustice and the exploitation of our people are a fully legitimate form of resistance!  Housing is an absolute right for every fellow countryman to enjoy!

The squatting law must be seen in the context of the repressive legislation that the establishment uses to oppress the people. Through this repressive legislation they try make every attempt to protest against the mismanagement of the government impossible and they protect the speculators who exploit our people. This law is not and will not be an attack on "leftwing structures" or "Antifa strongholds", almost all of their significant spaces are already legalized and/ or bought, but an attack on the right of our people to defend themselves and an attack on the right to actively resist against the establishment that destroys her existence and self-determination! Capitalism is meant to subjugate, to oppress and to exploit the people. By means of repressive legislation, like the squatting law, they take away the means of the people to resist the malpractices of speculators and slumlords, something the state itself fails to tackle. So support of the squatting law is equal to supporting (even more) repression!            

It's the duty of the nationalist movement to participate in the housing struggle. A means of action like squatting is not to be left unused. By squatting, nationalist autonomous zones can be created, hotbeds of radical resistance. Occupied property can provide living space for fellow countrymen, it can accommodate cultural and social initiatives and much more. The practice of nationalist autonomous zones like "the barracks" in Eindhoven en "the haunted house" in Monster, clearly showed that squatting was and still is a legitimate and necessary means for nationalists to use. With or without a squatting law, squatting will continue!

Source: Vrije Nationalisten Noord-Brabant / Netwerk Nationale Socialisten

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