zondag 5 juli 2015

Political analysis in regard to the Greek situation - What will happen after the peoples' referendum?

The Greek government of the national bourgeoisie, SYRIZA, is on the brink of being strangled by the Dictate of Brussels, with the BRD (Merkel and Schaüble) as the main conductor in trying to remove Tsipras and Varoufakis from the political arena, in order to install a new government of puppets that will quickly give way to the demands of Brussels.    

The imperialist forces have decided to no longer "negotiate" (we cannot say there have ever been real negotiations between Brussels and Athens) with the government of Tsipras until Sunday, and to await the outcome of the referendum SYRIZA has submitted to the people, regarding the reforms and loans of the EU. (A referendum everybody gives his own contents to. 'Yes' would mean an acceptance of the reforms, a stay in the EU and/or a resignation of the government. 'No' would mean new negotiations, out of the Euro or even out of the EU).    

However, the situation of SYRIZA has become so hopeless and has lost much credibility. Look at the former (failed) consent of Tsipras to reform the pension system for the purpose of Brussels, be it spread out over a longer period to ease the pain for the Greek population. Or the direct call for new loans after the Greeks failed to meet the repayment period to Brussels.    

Of course Tsipras and Varoufakis could not agree with all demands, even in the former government of Samaras there was no acceptance of certain points. If SYRIZA decided to honour these demands then this would mean the end of their reign (this was also the reason why Varoufakis recently walked away during the "negotiations").

But what if Varoufakis holds his word and resigns as Minister of Finance if the majority of the people votes 'yes' at the referendum?

And what if the government-Tsipras collapses?    

Then finally there will be revolutionary perspectives in sight: a fallen government, a desperate population, civil war conditions, the Dictate of Brussels which finds its equal in the (armed) Greek (=national) proletariat.

This is what we need to make happen! This is the path towards revolution!

But what will Golden Dawn, the police and the army do (in regards of the Junta history of the country)?  

Golden Dawn already gave the advice to vote 'no' during the referendum together with SYRIZA. Here again we witness a front of "left" and "right" against the hated Dictates of national oppression (just as in the Weimar period - When communists and Nazi’s both attacked the Dictate of Versailles for the liberation of the German people).

Can Golden Dawn present itself as the last alternative to liberate Greece? It still does have a clean slate if it comes to political governing.

Or do they take more radical measures (armature)? They still have contacts in police and military. What will the lower ranks do, which stand close to the people, against the higher ranks which are loyal to the State (see Portugal 1974)?

Even the US nervously stands at the sidelines: with an eventual Grexit the Western geopolitical position will be compromised by Eastern forces. Think about Putin’s energy-deal with Tsipras and the Chinese interests in the ports of Piraeus.  

However, one thing is certain. The government of Tsipras has forfeited its chances to pose a credible alternative for the Euro crisis. Greek capitalism can no longer be saved and more radical forces will fill up the vacuum (everything Varoufakis didn't hope).

Because, as we said before, the main tendency in this Greek tragedy still remains:


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