dinsdag 14 juli 2015

The betrayal of SYRIZA

Although the article posted below is somewhat dated, it´s still very relevant since Tsipras has sold out the Greek people and surrendered themselves to their creditors. Once again it becomes evident that capitalism cannot be reformed from the inside out. 

Short after the convincing election victory of Syriza in Greece last January, it seemed that for some this new political party really represented the ability to achieve a social revolution through the ballot boxes. These people were truly convinced that Syriza would be able to reform capitalism from the inside out in a democratic manner.    

However, after several weeks of negotiations Syriza has already betrayed the trust of its support. Yanis Varoufakis already put all his beautiful electoral promises aside and is now insisting on a continuation of the austerity policy, Greece its relations with the European Union and of the negotiations with its creditors. The complete surrender of Syriza to the Troika last week, reminds us once more that these kind of reformist thesis are nothing more than misleading illusions. Capitalism simply cannot be reformed from the inside out.      

It is impossible to use the political channels of the bourgeoisie to get into power and then try to make an end to austerity within this bourgeois dictatorship. Syriza doesn´t have any power outside the constitutional validity of the bourgeoisie. Now the Troika is tightening the screws, Syriza has no other choice than to follow the path paved by its predecessor PASOK. It’s the unwillingness to finally break with the reformism of its bourgeois ideology, which makes Syriza completely ineffectual to seriously challenge capitalism.      

Despite the betrayal of the reformist politics of political parties such as Syriza, it still finds much support in great segments of the left movement. Of course the cosmopolitan dogma which rejects socialism in one country at all costs leaves no other possibility than reformism: This because a truly revolutionary break of Greece from EU imperialism will inevitably lead to socialism in one country. Therefore the only thing these cosmopolitans have to offer is walking the reformist path, in the vain hope that in the future similar small steps would be made by other countries on a global scale, which at some point miraculously will turn into a global insurgency. It’s clear that these kind of irrational cosmopolitan dogmas are not going to save the Greek people from the crisis. Therefore the Greek people can only benefit from a revolutionary nationalism, which is the only thing able to liberate them from the iron grip of EU imperialism.    

Syriza now has become the executing power of the policy imposed by the Troika to the Greek people and fulfills a clear contra-revolutionary role. Again it seems the reformist ideologues behind the left facade mainly pursue a neoliberal agenda. However, not all is lost. If the electoral victory of Syriza shows us one thing, it’s the fact that anti-capitalist themes find broad sentiments among the Greek people. Hopefully this complete surrender of Syriza to the Troika, will lead towards a new awareness among the working masses that no real revolutionary subversion can be realized through democratic reforms inside a bourgeois dictatorship. Capitalism cannot be reformed from the inside out, only the complete elimination of the capitalist system can bring forth such a revolutionary subversion.  

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  1. In case you feel curious, I link the film of Syriza: https://vimeo.com/139440456