maandag 31 augustus 2015

Succesfull Anticapitalist Demonstration in Waren-Münitz (East Germany)

A great action which can be preamble for a new revolutionary spirit in the autonomous NS-movement in Germany

Last Saturday, 22th of August, the AN and Unabhängige Kamerad-schaften, among them AG Nord-Ost, Nationale Sozialisten Müritz and the Kollektiv 56 marched on the streets in the city of Waren-Müritz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) for a loud and clear anti-capitalist protest. Around one hundred persons (mostly from the region itself) followed the call, which had "Stop exploitation - Defeat Capitalism!" as its slogan. Among them also several comrades, who participated on behalf of the ACN/AKN. Their report:

Around noon a Black Block - not seen for a long time in the BRD - (the slogans on the banners also pointed out a sincere anti-capitalist mindset) marched towards the city centre. Directly behind the Black Block a sound truck followed, from which the crew intercepted the intermittent silences with a heavy dose of NSHC and NS-rap music, a convenient way to reach out to the audience (especially the youth). We noticed straight away the discipline of the participants of the demonstration. All of them stuck to the political theme of the demonstration, also in regard to the slogans. (Mainly <<A-Anti-Anticapitalista>>, <<Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten!>>, <<DGB: Arbeiterverräter!>>, <<Arbeit, Freiheit, Recht und Brot! Nationaler Sozialismus bis in den Tod!>> was called). Also the smoke- and alcohol prohibition was strictly followed. The environment was also held into account with regard to trash. (This is quite different in West-Germany!)

Halfway during the manifestation an interim meeting was held in the workers neighborhood Papenburg, characterized by its typical DDR-Plattenbau. Speakers of the AN, Unabhängige Kameradschaften and NPD sought contact with the locals. The most remarkable was made by comrade MZ. In his speech he gave a passionate plea for an united anti-capitalist front from both the 'left' and 'right', in which he frequently fell back on the revolutionary rhetoric of the Kampfzeit. Quotation: "Both these energies (those of 'socialism' and 'nationalism') should not clash with each other, but need to merge together (fuse)." To the leftwing he called to fight together (from both the 'left' and 'right') against the system (in a so-called pincer-movement). Also he recognized the bourgeois class-state in his speech, as well as the necessity 'to engage into the class struggle (from the side of the exploited and the oppressed). In a link to Dr. Goebbels he ended with:  ,,Durch den Klassenkampf hin zur Volksgemeinschaft!”[1] It goes without saying that these kinds of statements are exceptional within both the very reactionary ‘Nationaler Widerstand’ and also within the 'Autonomous Nationalism' of the BRD. One can imagine hearing these kind of revolutionary statements were quite a relief to us!

Until the end not much of the counter-mobilization the Antifa had announced was to be seen. Some doubtful elements did their best to hiss the anti-capitalist demonstrators by means of a 'colorful' parade, whistles and a single banner. We'd like to remember these Gütmenschen (and the present Antifa) to the well-known statement of Max Horkheimer: He who does not speak about capitalism, is to remain silent about fascism!" Because: Antifascism is before all anticapitalism! Fascism is merely a symptom of the disease, which is called capitalism. Who wants to fight fascism, needs to fight first and foremost capitalism: without capitalism, there is no fascism!

The atmosphere of the almost four hours long demonstration was very militant, it made a militant impression, the anti-capitalist was profoundly there, while the enthusiasm of the protestors remained to the end. Internally some critical comments were made: - (In general) too little activists to create a Black Block at any circumstance - A more suited place for an anti-capitalist demonstration (than Waren-Münitz). Further: To realize a truly anti-capitalist character during future demonstrations it is essential that party-political influences are consistently excluded, including the physical presence of NPD-bosses. The propagated revolutionary direction clashes with the still remaining influences of parliamentarism and party politics. Capitalism cannot be destroyed within a parliamentary context. Therefore 'democratic' reformism needs to be fought at all times. Also it uncritically following of the ridiculous order of the coppers to remain silent during the passing of some kind of event in the city centre should also be viewed in the same context. Rightly, this led to some discontent and disagreements between the chanting comrades and the bosses who tried to forbid them to do so.  Widerstand lässt sich nicht verbieten!?' Or does it? 

Apart from these negatives, we first of all need to see this day as a test-case for future demonstrations with the same revolutionary direction. We have every confidence that this AN-movement in the near future will develop itself further in a consistent anti-capitalist sense and militant manner.


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