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America: Nation built on Fat, Sugar and Mammon

In a time where the various decadent phenomena from the USA seem to be ever increasing and are totally accepted, a book is published that puts the link between the American food culture and physical pathological conditions. This forms a bigger threat to the general life expectancy than the threat of AIDS or the constantly diluting national identity, which has been the foundation for unity and our acting for centuries.

Cultural Imperialism

"Eat, my friends, eat!" With these words McDonald's recently opened a new franchise in Japan. We suspect that this ultimate insult to the spirit of Shinto was already deployed during the U.S. bombings and the occupation presented to the defeated nation after the second World War. Y. Mishima is turning over in his grave! "If we eat burgers and fries for more than a thousand years we might grow bigger and get white skin", a frenzied Japanese teen added to the tunes of the Afro-American stars associated with this diet. Until today the Japanese have not grown bigger, nor do they have white skin, but they certainly became a lot thicker. Although the situation is not as dramatic as in China, where children these days are three times more overweight than twenty years ago. The number of Britons struggling with obesity, has doubled in ten years. In Britain more fastfood is eaten than in any other Western country (the USA not included).

The story of McDonalds is accompanied by the expansion of American cultural values, that were propagated in the "free" world. Even in the homeland it wasn’t a success from the beginning. The brothers who invented this "dining at the assembly line", sold their patent in the crazy '50's for only three Cadillacs. Walt Disney, who had always excluded decadent influences from his work, dismissed the company and refused it as a franchise in his dream park in 1962. Barely five years later the tables were turned: Walt was dead (and his company that once propagated Western values was made prey for the vultures) and McDonalds conquered the country and the whole world with an empire built on fat and sugar.

The fried American dream

According to the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, Americans spend a total of 6 billion dollars on fast food in 1970, thirty years later that became over 110 billion dollar. That’s more money spend than on all the computers, cars, books, magazines and CD's combined. It is significant to mention that the transmitters of the "New World Order" idea are expanding and that - after smoking - obesity is the biggest cause of death today: over 280,000 Americans die annually as a direct result of their obesity.

When in 1985 the sales figures dropped and the company plan to increasingly gain a market share became just a little too cautious, the sales figures stagnated. The so-called "emotional bond" between the customer and the business slackened. For a company that has pumped more money into advertising and market research than Coca-Cola or Disney, the solution could not be of a philosophical nature: the answer was the children. Who convinces the children, also persuades the parents, the grandparents and the family. "Make your child happy, give them a hamburger!", was literally nominated in the postscript of the company. Whether it was a burger or a free gadget that put a smile on the face of the average one year old child, parents could feel just like the happy family from the commercial for a short period of time. Toddlers recognized the two golden arches of the company logo earlier than their own name.

The power of the Fat-lobby

The children remained true to the hamburger. They are now the fattest and least fit generation of youth ever. They were brought up with McDonald's, they came there as a child, worked there as a teenager and came back later with their equally overweight children. This dangerous evolution in eating habits is like a runaway form of "the American dream", in which materialism has to provide a hedonist sense of feeling. From a broader perspective we can conclude that the systematic destruction of our culture (including our food culture) keeps our future in an indolent stage to frustrate our natural and popular resistance.

If we determine how much of our national governments are in the pocket of powerful multinationals and that they refuse to act against the excesses of the free market economy, we must realize ourselves that this is a part of the deliberate enslavement of our once free and proud people and nation. In their idolatry of the free market, McDonald's, just like any other U.S. firm, seeks to eradicate every form of competition, criticism and freedom of choice. In their search for food that tastes the same way everywhere and that is experienced "equally" by all cultures, they try to destroy every small scale companies and diversity. The monoculture of potato's in Ohio, the manipulation of chickens and cows, experimentation with E-numbers, the merciless exploitation of workers, the numerous food poisoning that are not sanctioned, will all be dealt with after the European people will again become aware of their own greatness and own national identity.

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