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What is Fascism?

On the 23rd of May, 1919 the former revolutionary Marxist Benito Mussolini established the "Fascio di Combattimento" (combat union) with a small group of sympathizers in Italy. Until 1920 it remained a marginal group in the extreme leftwing of the political spectrum. The opportunistic swing to the right, along with the sudden sharp frontal stance against communism and socialism, ensured that the fascist movement got an unexpected strong impulse in the period 1920-1921. After the "red tidal wave" (september 1920), when striking workers in northern Italy started with factory occupations and the establishment of worker soviets, the fascists could count on the warm sympathy and benevolent support from the Italian bourgeoisie.

Within a short period of time, thanks to the support of the liberal bourgeoisie, the state bureaucrats, parts of the army and the Catholic Church fascism got a further influx and became a mass movement in Italy.

"Nothing outside the State, nothing against the State, everything for the State" was the notorious and one hundred times repeated formula of the totalitarian fascist State. The concept of the State is the ideal that fascism persues. It is their highest value, and therefore other important values such as selfcontrol, people and culture were considered by fascism to be secundary, if they recognized it at all. From the perspective of the Italian masses the fascists always stayed the murderers of workers and agents of the hated landlords and factory lords, on which fascism indeed was depended throughout it's lifetime.

Fascism can not be possible without a strong State, which opresses the people and considers workers to be the slaves of the State. Fascism puts the interests of the State before the welbeing of the people. Examples include the Franco-fascism in Spain (1939-1975). Also the Hitlerite variant of National Socialism was similarly constructed in a Statecapitalist way, just as the fascist ideology; it also suppressed its own people, advocated a bourgeois State nationalism and persued imperialist utopias.

However, Anti-Fascism, is defending the rights of the nation and of every human individual, the right for own life, the right for self-determination, the right for a non-polluted environment, thus the right for a humane future!

The Secretary-General of the Communist International (Komintern), G. Dimitrow, was right when he defined fascism as "the terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital with the aim of maintaining the capitalist relations of production".

The development of Antifascism

The original Antifascism exists since the 1920's. It arose from the need for a political organization to achieve their own goals against the opponent and to maintain themselves.

Therefore the authentic Antifa came forth from the political will; in this case on the part of the KPD, but also on the part of the SPD. They did not consider all their opponents objectives as opposed to their own worldview and in fact there were many examples of open meetings and debat assemblies between national socialists and communists. Most of the activists in the divided camps were mainly concerned with the fortunes of ordinary people and the achievement of a fair society. Also common combatmeetings were arranged against the hated Weimar system, because they all saw that the interests of the State were put above those of the people.

Ofcourse every communist knew why he was against the nazi's, just as every nazi knew why he was against the communists. In that time Antifa-work was only a means to achieve a goal, with which they could achieve their own objective. Untill the 70's Antifascism was driven by political motivation and formed a part of the respective socialist, communist and anarchist groups, where it fullfilled a similar function as in the twenties. In that time the Antifa did not have any kind of "controlling function" against their own people and their own scene, nor was it wanted as a gang to fight opponents. In those days publications exclusively devoted to Antifa-work did not exist at all. The emphasis in the socialist and communist publications, was shaped by particular ideological and philosophical articles, in which they were intensively and critically concerned with their own ideas and goals.

Over the years, especially in the eighties and nineties, the situation radically changed: The search for new (pseudo-)identities made sure that Antifa-work, which really was meant as means to achieve a goal, became a goal on it's own. Anti-fascism became the actual raison d'etre for many groups.

But a group, which is exclusively engaged with the enemy, is situated on the defensive. It only responds instead of acting!

From then on the struggle against fascism degenerated into a fight solely against the "nazis" (and against all who were seen as such!). At some point this led to the fact that every advocate for the struggle for national liberation (in Germany of the '70s) was labeled as a "neo-nazi". Activists of the KPD/ML - one of the most nationalist ML-organizations in the BRD at that time - who explicitly advocated the right for the German people to have national self-determination (motto: Deutschland den Deutschen! Amis raus!), suddenly became "nazi's" with all the fysical consequenses. To this day the so-called "Antifascists" (actually they're not anymore) are stuck in an almost hysterical hatred against all things which even remotely contains the concept "national". Everything that's slightly more parttriotic then Chancellor Merkel should be fought if it's up to them. Some groups draw the ultimate conclusion from their hatred against their own people and their own cultural identity and began to call themselves "Anti-German" ("Anti-Deutschers").

We can come to the conclusion that the term "Ant-fascism" was completely distorted and abused over the years and that they are now openly collaborating with the enemy, namely imperialism.

Under the pretext to fight for "democracy" and "human rights", the "Antifascists" are today acting as the most agressive warmongers (latest example: Libya). In each country that offers serious resistance against global imperialism they see a "new Hitler ", who should be made harmless by American bombs, because otherwise inevitably a new "Holocaust" would take place. A part of these self-appointed "Antifascists" (the "Anti-Germans") even manage to praise the racist State Israel and its Stateterrorist politics as the true "Antifascist" stronghold against "fascism".

The New Fascism

In recent decades a new type of fascism arose from the Western imperialist metropolises.

The political structures that were formed since the 60's, mainly within the United States, can best be characterized as modern "fascism". This because the large capitalist concerns, the various secret services, the armed forces, the two major political parties and organized crime became so closely intertwined and partly identical on a personal level. This fascism reinforced itself in the United States since September 11, 2001, when George W. Bush threatened; ""Either you're with us or you're with the terrorists". The former presidential adviser John Dean commented on this subject: "I'm worried, because this constitutes a fascist behavior, a characteristic behavior of a fascist nature."

In France (President) Nicolas Sarkozy is the head of this new fascism. In the BDR this is epitomized by the CDU politician (and prolonged Minister of Interior affairs) Wolfgang Schäuble. He is supported by the capitalist business organization ("Bund der Deutschen Industrie"), the central union apparatus of the DGB ("Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund") and is closely intertwined with the state apparatus and the bourgeoisie, as well as the groups of reactionary conservatives ("Junge Freiheit" and "Pro NRW") who seek alliance with Zionism (the offer of alliance with the Zionist Ralph Giordano).

Directed by Schäuble a Secret State Police (Gestapo) is created. To name a few examples: Computer search, Rasterfahndung, Grosser hausangriff (systematic monitoring in private homes), vorratsdetenspeicherung (systematic preventive storage of all telecommunications data). Moreover Schäuble intensified with all his might his struggle to combat Islamists and other German "extremists", who refuse to comply with the so-called "Western community of values".

Anyone who speaks English and made the "political correctness" his own, who submits to the imperialist worldorder and thus the American consumerculture, is part of the game - everybody else has the risk to become labeled as the enemy or as an extremist. They end up on the blacklists of the Verfassungsschutz (State Security), or in extreme cases at Guantanamo Bay.

Everywhere in the West, politics put the interests of the State over the welbeing of the people. That's called fascism! However, this new fascism has no nationalist, but rather a globalist profile.
Unfortunately, today's Antifa is unable and unwilling to aim their Antifascism against this new form of fascism and against the extremists of the mainstream.

Instead, they are determined to fight against the "neo-nazi threat". But who stands in the tradition of the Third Reich today? Admittedly, there is indeed a colorful mix of micro-groups and individuals, acting as Hitlerites and Third Reich-nostalgics who actually believe that even today they still have to defend the Reichs-chancellery. But are these groups a serious threat? Hardly. So why this fixation on an insignificant edge and a-political group? The answer is obvious: The current "Antifascism" is degenerated into a meaningless pseudo-ideology, which has totally surrended to the mercy of the imperialist New World Order and now itself has become an essential element of the new fascism!

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