dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Anti-Capitalist protest in Milan

In the spirit of the worldwide revolts against capitalism, a strong protest took place in the streets of Milan on the 3rd of december 2011. Over 100 activists held an impressive protestmeeting in the financial heart of Milan. It was directed against the cutbacks of 24 Billion Euros, the banks and their new puppet goverment led by Mario Monti. Without elections the Italian bourgeoisie ruthlessly implemented their agressive crisis-politics over the backs of the Italian workingclass and sold out Italy to international imperialism. The same process is going on all over the world where national sovereignty is destroyed by supranational institutions and the regional economy is sold out to foreign investers.

Black and red flags, banners and signs adorned the square at the Central Station and pamflets were distributed to bystanders. Most speeches were aimed against the economic crisis and the financial sector which caused this, but also themes like animal- and enviromental welfare, the struggle against patriarchism were dealt with because they are a essential part in the total struggle against Capitalism. Capitalism abuses man, animal and nature to keep her consumerism running with destructive effects as the consequense.

After the protest there was a meeting held, where several interesting political discussions took place and the foundation was laid for the international ACN/AKN (Anti-Capitalist Network) initiative.



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