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1st of May - Get on the streets!


Everyone is familiar with the almost immeasurable wealth of a handful of billionaires and the daily struggle for survival of billions of people. Everybody knows that all over the world billions of people perish under misery and war, while the price of material goods increases. Thousands of children starve on a daily basis while at the same time the profits are rising. If these were the results of a completely different social system, this would already have been declared a complete failure as well as it would have been declared a total war. But in the bourgeois-capitalist order the poverty is only regretted, criticized and filmed, but not abolished. Through the forcible exclusion of wealth poverty is produced and then declared as a "natural law". 

Fatal compulsions 

Some years ago Brazil was forced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to transfer billions of dollars to foreign countries. To fulfil the demands of the IMF Brazil had to cut the expenditures of the State in the social sector on a large scale. At the same time millions of people in this country where needy and starving because they couldn't get enough food on a daily basis. The director of the IMF these days, who introduced these laws of imperialist businesses, was Horst Köhler. Elsewhere these kind of individuals, who cause misery and death for countless people by their signature, would be called modern mass murderers. However afterwards, in the BRD, Köhler managed to become State president.      

May 1st

De 1st of May has been the international day of struggle against the capitalist slavery for years.  Since 1889 people get on the streets against exploitation and oppression: People who’s existence depend on the judgement of the capital, if it can squeeze some more profit out of them, yes or no; people who are tired because they are forced to work, so others will become better and their own situation gets worse; people who don't consider the by the government imposed competition of all against all, for money and material goods, as an expression of "human nature", but on the contrary as something insane. The 1st May means: struggle for a classless society without coercion from above.   

History of the revolutionary 1st May demonstrations

On the 1st of May 1887 in Kreuzberg (in those days West-Berlin) an organized block party of basis initiative committee’s was attacked by the cops and beaten apart by brute force. This led to the solidarisation from the side of the residents which led to a full out revolt. The cops were forced to retreat and for some time the district Kreuzberg remained a zone that was "free of police". The following 25 years - as a distinguishment for the compliant system Mai demonstrations of the reformist union bureaucratic (‘Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund‘) - there was called out for a revolutionary demonstration on the 1st of May. This grew into a solid element of the revolutionary demonstration program with a nationwide or even "international" emission. Many times this led to street fights between angry protestors with heavily armed "Robocops".       

No starvation deaths in this country yet?

The last 20 years the living conditions for the majority of the population have been drastically deteriorated. On the one hand the high-tech-production machinery in the hands of the capitalists cause a steadily growing mass of "unnecessary", non-usable in capitalist sense, people. On the other hand the systems that previously existed and guaranteed a minimum of social welfare, the so-called "welfare State", are rapidly beaten to pieces. The reason for this is that after the collapse of the existing socialism (the socialist States around the Soviet Union) and the end of the "race of systems" that followed the BRD, Netherlands, etc. lost their role as anti-communist front-States. The result is social terror in optima forma: the so-called "reformation" of social security (in the BRD euphemistically named "Hartz IV") is in reality a by the government regulated poverty, which just offers protection against starvation. There is no reason to be satisfied with this State. Many people come to think that "outsiders", "immigrants" or "Muslims" are somehow responsible for their misery. At the same time by the press, radio and television a smear campaign unleashed against "Muslims" and "immigrants". The State stimulated and uses these patterns of thinking to obscure the real causes of the current troubled relationships. But: for us the dividing line don’t run between peoples and/or religions, but between above (the owners) and below (the non-owners)!

Privatisation and 'restructuring'

Sectors with regard to overall wellness, previous controlled by the State, like utility companies (water, electricity, public transportation), housing, healthcare, education and so on are released for minor costs to make profits (="privatization"). The consequences are rising rent, exploding prices and tariffs, and deteriorating working conditions for the industrious staff there. Centrally located in the old urban inner cities of large metropolises are "restructured", so the poor population (welfare recipients, minimum wage, migrants, under precarious working industrious etc.) is forced away by priceless rent. Chic and expensive downtown neighbourhoods and luxury apartments for people with accordingly incomes should take their place. This process (known as "gentrification") is still in full program. 

"Production Location Europe"

The cynicism and the overt manner in which policymakers - executors of the capital behave as the unlimited rulers of the living conditions of the mass of wage- and benefit recipients is unimaginable Because they have availability over the resources to produce all social wealth (= the means of production) they are capable to force the others into labour against a poor wage. Purpose of production is profit maximization and not the optimal satisfaction of social needs. There is not enough produced for what the financial capacity demands. The purpose of the mutual competing capitalists is to squeeze the maximum from the working class. Capitalist wealth can only exist if there is poverty. The State shall take on the management of the victims of capitalism - as cheaply as possible. More and more people becomes evident that such a "treatment" of the "production site" Netherlands only benefits the big concerns and hurts them, repression, control and forced labour are essential elements for this policy. This social order is enforced with reckless violence. Cuts in social benefits are daily business, however for police, army, State security service (AIVD) and new surveillance technology there is always enough money.

War against the imperialist war!

Because of the global access to the raw materials and securing strategic positions through transport routes and markets, millions of people in Asia, Africa and Latin-America long have been subject to permanent war, torture and repression. Iraq is largely destroyed by American imperialism together with her allies from the European Union and their mercenaries ("private contractors"). The Turkish army conducts an ongoing war against the people of Kurdistan and is now preparing to invade northern Syria under the pretext of setting up a "humanitarian corridor", "humanitarian intervention" (supposedly for 'refugee protection'), etc. The army of the Israeli Zionist-State pursues as part of its ongoing war against the Palestinian people continued terrorist attacks on the populations of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. In Latin America, the peasants and the indigenous peoples are continuously terrorized for the interests of capital. Armed groups and movements, representing the interests of the oppressed and outcasts are attacked by all means possible - as for an instance the example of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) shows us. The CIA is not only active in Colombia as "adviser", also in Venezuela and Bolivia they are actively engaged in sabotaging the basic progressive and democratic process.

Europe - outward war, militarization inside

States who wrote "freedom and democracy" on their banner, are characterized by an exceptional aggression. Even after the deposit of arms by the ETA, the patriotic left in the Basque country stays prohibited and notwithstanding exposed to large-scale repression and torture on the part of the fascist central government in Madrid. Regionalist movements striving for autonomy (Brittany, Corsica, Catalonia) are persecuted throughout all states of the EU. The population of Afghanistan is subjected to a terror regime by the EU occupational forces, which outside the British and the French troops also contain the German Bundeswehr. Likewise Dutch soldiers, who have distinguished themselves in a special way during the murders in uniform, are going to be rewarded with a "Veteran medal".  

Verbal protest is not enough!

In no uncertain terms, the ruling class is increasingly made clear what the people think of their policies. Strikes against plant closures and mass layoffs, against wage restraint, revolts and uprisings of young people who don’t have any perspective on future, in the French banlieues and the English ghetto's show that the dissatisfaction rises and the rage increases. The reformist (system based) unions have suffered a steady decline in membership during recent years - not surprisingly given the stubborn refusal of the reactionary union bureaucrats to really start a struggle despite the well-stocked strike funds.  However, the months-long defensive struggle of the French workers, organized as well as unorganized, against raising the retirement age (autumn 2010) shows a different trend. Despite the smear campaign in the media it succeeded not in breaking the sympathy of the population for the strike movement. Many came aware that "your case is that of us all", despite the discomfort (especially in public transport) the strike caused for the general public.  

What to do? 

The only effective weapon against the capitalist exploitation and warmongering, against the State and capitalism, is the organized and conscience solidarity of all those who want to create an opposition from the grassroots.  

Come into resistance!
Organize yourself!
Intervene in the existing relations!

Let's fight together for the revolutionary overthrow of the existing social order! Let's put an end to the systematic destruction of man and nature!

For social revolution!

For socialism!

Nationale Socialistische Actie / Autonome Nationale Socialisten

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