maandag 14 mei 2012

13 Mai - C9M Manifestation against Mondialisation (Paris)

In the weekend of 12-13 may a delegation of autonomous nationalists from the Netherlands went to Paris (France) to protest against mondialisation. On the 12th of May they gathered with French, Italian and German comrades of the ACN/AKN (Anti Capitalist Network). The unitary manifestation, which was a joint initiative of the "Comité du 9 mai (C9M)", "Nationalistes autonomes", "Troisième Voie", "la Nouvelle Droite populaire", "Terre et peuple", "les Jeunesses nationalistes" en "GUD", started in the centre of Paris, at the "La Madeleine" where around a thousand comrades gathered to protest for several economic and political themes. 

The ACN/AKN joined the black block of the French autonomous nationalists. Besides the usual anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian slogans, some segments within the French autonomous movement still let themselves be seduced into rightwing-populist and anti-Islamic slogans. We (Netwerk Nationale Socialisten) distance ourselves from this; for us autonomism represents not only a subculture, but a revolutionary practice. Several ACN/AKN manifests were spread among the activists within the black block. The manifestation moved to the direction of the Place de Pyramides, where by the statue of Jeanne d'Arc acoustic music was played after which a minute of silence for Sebastien Deyzieu was held- a militant nationalist who was killed by the police. Several speeches were held after this regarding the theme. 

Despite of some points of criticism, it certainly was a successful protest. We thank all our French, German and Italian comrades for a good and activist weekend!   

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