maandag 28 mei 2012

28th of May - Solidarity action for Zippo

Monday the 28th of May a small delegation of autonomous nationalists from the Netherlands joined a solidarity action in Antwerp, organized by Flemish comrades. Through this action, attention was asked for the court case of Alberto Palladino. Alberto, also known as "Zippo", is one of the co-founders of the Italian Casa Pound movement and performed selflessly volunteer work for the Karen people in Birma. Without any form of evidence or trial he has already been detained for several months in a Roman jail by the system in collaboration with the Partito Democratico. Throughout the whole of Europe we can see increasing repression against nationalists and other alleged enemies of the system. By criminalizing the opposition the system tries to divert the attention away from itself. An attempt has been made to convince the population that nationalist and socialist politics is a threat that has to be fought by all means. With special laws, repression, smear campaigns and disproportionally high jail penalties, they try to divert the attention from the economic crisis and the essential social problems that currently plague our countries. While youth gangs are making our streets unsafe as well as the white collar criminals that exploit our people are dealt with using velvet gloves, nationalists face systematic criminalization, severe punishment and oppression because of their political views. The court case against Alberto, which today was delayed again until the 8th of June, is one of these poignant examples. Therefore:

Stop repression!
Freedom for all nationalists!  
Zippo libero!       

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